The problem of plagiarism in writing

Every year students face situations when they need to write a kind of research work or an essay. When they face it, many of them have a strong desire just to copy another piece of writing. But then the next problem appears – and this problem is called plagiarism.

The notion of plagiarism

Problem of plagiarism

First of all, it should be cleared out what it means. In general, it is stealing other ideas from a different source and not giving references to it. You can’t use someone’s ideas in the research work without any references. The teachers and professors pay much attention to it. And there are several reasons why they do it:

  1. Firstly, as has been mentioned, it is stealing. When you write a research work, you must use the citation. You can’t appropriate someone’s ideas. It is not fair in the world of science.
  2. Secondly, the idea of academic writing is to broaden your horizons. It simply means that you must understand what you are writing about. It helps you enlarge your knowledge. You won’t get anything new if you just copy.
  3. Thirdly, the teachers and professors want to see your own result of the research. That is their main idea.

The most important question is if any plagiarism can be used in the writing work. The answer is quite simple. If you want to write good work, plagiarism is out of place there. Before giving the work to the teachers, you can use inline tools that can check it.

Effective ways to avoid plagiarism

There are several approaches on how to solve this problem ( we took som here). The first is to use checkers for plagiarism. The only thing you need is to upload your piece of writing. Then the algorithm compares your text with other accessible on the Internet. Then you will give detailed information about the written text. More or less preferable result of uniqueness is about 85%. If it is less, you should rewrite your work. It is considered to be stolen. The service will show you what was just copied from other sources. There also will be links where the information was found.

Now there are special programs that let you check your documents on plagiarism. You can download it on the computer and install. You will get almost the same as online. The most modern versions offer you to remove borrowings.

There is another approach on how to avoid plagiarism. This time we try to do everything without modern tools. Many students often use periphrasis when they write a research work. They just take the idea and try to put it in other words. But it doesn’t change anything. The problem still remains, as many scientists and students do almost the same. The way out of the situation is quite simple – use the quotation. But don’t do it very often.

Citation is also a good way to solve the problem. Periphrasis doesn’t enhance the uniqueness, but giving a reference to the author will be very helpful. It means that you understand the topic and respect the author.

Plagiarism can be of different kinds:

  1. Copying words
  2. Replacing the words
  3. The absence of citing
  4. A part of a citation
  5. Unreal sources of information

You see there are a lot of ways how to avoid plagiarism. You can even apply to professional writers. They can enhance the uniqueness of the work easily. If you want to write good work, there must be no plagiarism.